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Theta Healing

What is "Theta"?

  “Theta” is one of five brain wave  frequencies (Gamma, Beta, Alpha, Theta and Delta)  that all humans display. Theta brain wave is the state of very deep meditation and relaxation, which often occurs during REM sleep, and is used in Hypnosis. Many scientists’ studies have shown Theta meditation improves mental and physical wellness, and produces great inspiration, exceptional insight and profound creativity. In Theta Healing, the Theta wave is very powerful for meditation, focusing, prayer, visualization, healing and affirmations.  

Why it is called “Theta” healing?

It was discovered in 1995 by Vianna Stibal , who is a naturopath, massage therapist and intuitive reader. At the time, she was diagnosed with cancer that was destroying her right femur. She tried using conventional and alternative medicine but failed. Using her Theta healing technique she was healed by connecting and communicating with the “Creator of All that Is."


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What is Theta Healing?

ThetaHealing® is a unique, powerful and gentle energy healing that combines science and spiritual philosophy.  It promotes fast healing and transformation for a wide range of issues on all levels: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual to enhance our health, joy, fulfillment and ease in our life.

How Theta Healing technique works?

ThetaHealing® technique is a meditation form that involves entering into the “Theta” brain wave and connecting to the “Creator of All That Is”.  This is the Highest Level of Love and Creative Divine Energy of All That Is.


ThetaHealing® works to remove negative thoughts and feelings, and limiting beliefs in the conscious and unconscious mind that are blocks to what you wish to do and wish to be.  Also it directly impacts your emotional well-being, which of course impacts the well-being of your physical health.


One of the best known techniques is to uncover negative thoughts and feelings, and limiting beliefs in the conscious and unconscious mind. Negative thoughts and feelings are eliminated and replaced with positive and beneficial ones. ThetaHealing® allows the mind to discover feelings and knowledge it never experienced before.

The practitioner connects to the “Creator of All That Is”,  facilitates the healing process, and witnesses the changes by getting the recipient’s brain wave into Theta using a focused, visual meditation and prayer.

Messages and information are received often from the “Creator of All That Is” for the recipient. The practitioner always works together with the recipient and the “Creator of All That Is” to reprogram the subconscious, leading to rebirth.

ThetaHealing® changes our subconscious by working on beliefs. Our actions change by changing our subconscious. Our reality changes by changing our actions.

Theta Healing with Yoshimi

Yoshimi will consult about the issues you would like to resolve and change, and know why it happens. We naturally access your unconscious part and work for the thoughts, feelings and limiting beliefs that block your wishes. You will know more about yourself, be encouraged and confident to go forward.


A single session: 60 min for $130

*Introductory a single session: 60 min for $70


In addition to ThetaHealing®, a flower essence consultation and/or Reiki Healing can be combined to powerfully assist your transformation. This includes a treatment bottle/s of flower essence. 

Sessions can be conducted at my office or a place of your convenience. Can also be performed via online or phone. 

Payment can be made by cash, check, or credit cards in Paypal.

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ThetaHealing® Practitioner Certificate Class

Basic DNA

Advanced DNA

Dig Deeper

You and Your Significant Other

You and the Creator

You and Your Inner Circle

You and the Earth

Soul Mate

Manifesting and Abundance

World Relations

Building Intuition

Intuitive Anatomy

Discover Your Algorithm

Disease and Disorder (Available from Dec. 2023)

DNA 3 (Available from Dec. 2023)

Practitioner Courses are Available in Person and Online.

​(Some courses must be in person.)

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