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Flower Essences

Multiple brand's Flower Essences from all over the world are available to select best one(s) for you.

Alaskan Flower Essences

Australian Bush Flower Essences

Angelic Essences

Findhorn Flower Essences

Himalayan Flower Enhancers

Power of Flower Essences

PHI Essences

Ray Essences

​Spirit-in-Nature Essences


Certified Flower Essence Therapist  by International Flower Essence College

Certified Practitioner of Himalayan Flower Enhancers


Certified Practitioner of PHI Essence

Certified Practitioner of Australian Bush Flower Essences & Numerology

More Educations

Completed Spirit-In-Nature Essences on how to apply to family and business


Completed Australian Bush Flower Essence for mental care


Completed Alaskan Essence for animal healing 

Completed Australian Bush Flower Essences Graceful Ageing

What is Flower Essences?

Flower Essence is a wonderful powerful fascinating gift from nature. It is made from the biological imprint of the living flower's energy. It does not include any extract and scent like essential oils or medical herbs.

History of Flower Essences 

The founder of Flower Essence Therapy was Physician,

Dr. Edward Bach in England who established

"Bach Remedies" in 1930's.

Dr. Bach was a pioneer in understanding that our emotional and physical bodies are connected. He found that the root of our diseases and physical imbalances is due to negative thoughts and an imbalanced mind, and that Flower Essences can treat the underlying emotional causes of diseases and imbalanced conditions.

Flower Essence Therapy & Healing

Flower Essences are an excellent complimentary holistic therapy based on assisting the "whole body." A flower's energy (vibration) can bring emotional balance and

harmony within body, mind and soul.

Flower Essences are very Safe!

  • Non-toxic

  • No habituation

  • No side effects

  • Safe for any age and condition of people such as babies and pregnant women and people who take medications.

  • No concern about overdosing

  • Safe to use with as well as support other therapies, treatments and medications.

  • Safe to use for animals, plants and environment


How to use Flower Essence?

Flower Essence is a liquid that is taken orally under the tongue, applied to the body adding to lotions, creams and oils, and also can be applied to a glass of water to drink or a daily water bottle.

Issues Flower Essences help to resolve

  • Mental, emotional and physical care

  • Support during major life changes and crisis

  • Women's care

  • Relationship & Partnership support

  • Self-improvement

  • Goal achievement

  • Many other physical and emotional aliments

The flower essence will bring your body into balance and thereby to improve your well-being and activate your life force. 

Classes & Workshops


A class "Introduction to Flower Essences" covers what flower essences are, their history, how they are made, how they are used, how they are selected, and how they work for us," is available  at Flathead Valley Community College in Kalispell, MT. 

For more information or request

Flower Essences Healing with Yoshimi


In a typical session, Yoshimi will consult about the issues you would like to resolve and help to release any blockage, and unhealthy negative thoughts and beliefs.  

Yoshimi will select a flower essence/s for the goal, and make a customized mixture and a recommendation how often the essence should be taken.


A single session: 60 min for $120

A package of 3-session: $330   

*Introductory a single session: 60 min for $70


A session includes a bottle of flower essences that is

a customized mixture for your treatment.

In addition to flower essence therapy & healing, ThetaHealing® and/or Reiki Healing can be combined.

Sessions can be conducted at my office or a place of your convenience. Can also be performed via online or phone. 

Payment can be made by cash, check, or credit cards

in Paypal.

For more information or to book an appointment

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