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My feelings changed immediately after the energy balancing part of our session with flower essence. I became more calm and relaxed and my anxiety was reduced. Yoshimi was able to help me see that my anxiety was self-driven and
I was fully able to rid myself of it almost totally. My own insecurities were causing this stress. Yoshimi helped me see this very easily and I was able restore that self-confidence and contentment that I know I truly have. With the help of flower essence mixture that Yoshimi prepared especially for my situation I was able to get back on the right track quickly. Now I feel I am able to handle the small stresses that come up in daily life much easier. Thank you, Yoshimi.
~Female, Hygienist by Theta Healing & Flower Essence Therapy 
I used to wake up in the middle of the night and felt so tired during the day. Now I am able to sustain energy. The flower essence doesn’t interfere with my medications. Thank you for flower essence.


~Female, Teacher by Flower Essence Therapy

My 5th grader had been wetting the bed every night for years. I tried medications to stop it without success. I sprayed the customized flower essence on him, his room, and his bed a few times a day. His bed wetting stopped after about two weeks of treatment. I was amazed at how the spraying of flower essence worked. Thank you, Yoshimi.


~Female, Office Worker & Mother by Flower Essence Consultation

There were some issues to clear up to go ahead in a relationship. I was so impressed with her reading ability from the beginning of the session. I did not tell her about my boyfriend or show any pictures at all, but Yoshimi started to tell me about his appearance, personality, background, his family and so on, which were really true. I had Yoshimi talk with my boyfriend’s higher-self and then something amazing happened.  A few hours later, I was contacted by him after having no contact for a some time.  His response became accepting and more gentle. What Yoshimi told me about my past life and how they related to my current issues was understandable. It was a wonderful session where my negative thoughts and beliefs were released so I could move forward.  Now I feel now very light in my mind and body. Thank you, Yoshimi. 


~Female, Office Worker by Theta Healing

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